Flag Poles
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Island Flag Poles offers a variety of flagpoles to suit your needs from an out rigger pole which mounts to the front of your house to a commercial grade flagpole designed to accentuate all of the architectural features of your home.

• Fiberglass flagpoles have been found to hold up the best here on Nantucket. Each can be designed to match the needs of an individual location. Fiberglass will not rust, rot or corrode. This of course enhances the pole's long term strength and appearance, particularly in salt water or corrosive environments. Fiberglass has a significantly greater strength to weight ratio than competitive materials and therefore its lighter weight lowers shipping and on-site handling costs.

• Flag poles come complete with all accessories including the truck assembly, gold anodized ball, halyard, cleat, snap hooks, flash collar, and ground sleeve.

• Display the colors proudly with a maintenance-free fiberglass flagpole

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